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Timeshare Associations are under attack by a rapidly expanding network of relief (unburdening) companies. While there are many variations of how these predatory companies operate, their most damaging practice is the transfer of timeshare interests to Asset-Less Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) or individuals, expressly intended to default on the assessments due the Associations.

Created for the specific purpose of taking ownership of timeshares, Asset-Less entities are created with no commitment to (or liquidity for) meeting ongoing assessment obligations. Unaware of the fraud that has been committed against them, many Associations do not learn of these illegal acts for up to two years or longer.

Once these Asset-Less entities are loaded with a significant number of timeshare titles, they are dissolved or simply left to go into default necessitating eventual foreclosure to recover the timeshare interests. Typically, these transfers have been to LLCs and trusts however, recently, an increasing number of Associations are reporting similar suspect transfers now being made to individuals. For Associations, this trend is worrisome and growing.

The mission of the Timeshare Transfer Registry® is to maintain a central database into which all Timeshare Associations can provide the names and information of potential transferees to identify those that have been deeded, or about to be deeded, title to timeshare interests and have subsequently defaulted or have a probability of defaulting on the ongoing financial obligations of Ownership. At the same time, subscribing Associations are granted direct access to the registry, allowing them to readily research existing owners and past transferees and determine if any are listed as suspect.

Subscribers to the Timeshare Transfer Registry® can access other valuable Association services including customized search requests, best estoppel procedures and practices and comprehensive estoppel support services.