New Recordation Activity May Signal a Change of Unburdening Strategy

TTR first wrote about this in June 2013. Since then, we’ve learned new details. TTR believes the recordation of three deeds may reveal a modus operandi worth noting.

We have tracked 3 separate reports of this activity now. Here  the recording sequence of deeds taken in from an unburdening program:

  1.  Property Relief, with Robert Pickel as the named Attorney in Fact, using VP Title recorded the deeds from  the original owners to a person that TTR has identified as a suspect asset-less individual and notified the association of the transfer.
  2. Then, sometime in the last 3 months of the year the suspect asset-less individual recorded deed backs to the the original owners. These deeds were recorded without notice to the Association which was outside of the resort’s transfer policy. The suspect asset-less individual was not delinquent in the payment of assessments on these intervals at the time of redecoration.
  3. These deeds were recorded without the knowledge of the original owners. So the original owners, believing that they had been relieved of the obligation to pay assessments, were unaware that they were shown in the County Records as the owners again.
  4. Assessment bills were sent out to the asset-less individual but he secretly transferred the weeks back to the original owners. So the bills were sent to the wrong person.
  5. Then after the first of the year, using Pacific Transfer, using the same power of attorney from the original owners records a deed to a person that TTR has identified as a “broker,” who we suspect as being insolvent. In one case, this transfer occurred after the assessments had become delinquent, so prior to submitting the transfer request, someone from Pacific Transfer called and paid the assessments using a credit card.

We believe this method of operation is designed to so that the asset-less individual can avoid being technically liable for assessments when the bills are sent out for them.   Our Subscribers should let us know if they see similar activity at their resort.