Washington State Attorney General Settles Case

The Washington State Attorney General’s office settled their complaint against Jonathan and Christine Gibbs. You can read about it at AG Bob Ferguson announces settlement of major timeshare scam case

As part of the Consent Decree Christine Gibbs has agreed to return the timeshares in her possession to the Associations. Resort Associations are confused by the letter that they have received advising that certain companies and individuals are agreeable to return timeshare intervals to them. The actual sender of the letter is not identified and the language in the letter is confusing.  It is from Christine Gibbs.

TTR recommends that when responding, you should not only provide the information specified in the letter but also review the deed from the original owner to the Shell person or entity to see if there were any defects in the legal description. You should note these and send a copy of the deed with your single sheet request.

You need to provide whatever documents are necessary to record the conveyance documents for their signature. They will not prepare the documents but after verifying the original transfer, they will sign and notarize them. They will not act on any relinquishment requests that are not accompanied by the necessary conveyance documents, so if you previously put in a request without conveyance documents, you need to resubmit.

Your relinquishment requests and conveyance documents should be submitted to:

Erica Hilderbrant 855 Trosper Road SW #108-322 Tumwater, Washington 98512. Note this addrress was confirmed by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office on March 18, 2014. According to the AGO, The P.O. Box reported in the most recent Timesharing Today is being closed. email: erica.h@summitmkg.com