Can’t I Just do a Web Search? No You Really Can’t. Why TTR’s Research is Better (and Cheaper)

We have been told by some of our Subscribers that once they became aware of the tremendous impact created by the unburdening companies, they began seeking more information regarding potential transferees.  Using resources ranging from simple Internet searches to more sophisticated and expensive search methods such as subscribing to Intelius or NexisLexis, they felt that the data they acquired was sufficient for verification purposes.  Our article, What’s the Difference between Data and Information? , shows why the data provided by these services is not sufficient to evaluate a prospective transferee.

What we found is that our Subscribers who attempted their own searches spent an inordinate amount of time (and money) attempting to research a new prospective transferee. The data they collected was often inaccurate or only verified the data they already had. They still didn’t have any information that might indicate that the prospective transferee lacked sufficient liquidity to pay the assessments or was actually formed with the intention to default on the assessments. Even if they were able to find some information that could have been used to challenge what they believed was a suspect transaction, it was typically insufficient.

The most dynamic aspect of the INFORMATION that our Subscribers get from TTR is that it is fully interpreted and cross referenced with useful information that our Subscribers can use to identify suspect potential transferees. If the name you search was recently searched by another Subscriber, we’ll let you know right away. If the name that you search is already in our database, you get an immediate report on your computer screen and you are charged only $1.45. If our database returns an irrelevant result, you can request an immediate refund with a single click. If no results are found, you can order a custom report that TTR will deliver to you by the next business day and you only pay $9.50. In any case, there is no alternative search service that can provide a comprehensive source of relevant INFORMATION for evaluating a prospective transferee at any price.