Custom Research Services

Timeshare Transfer Registry® can provide customized research services to enhance the information within your member roster. Contact us or call 855-588-7369 to learn more about these services:

Owner Contact Research - Skip Tracing
One of the most common reasons for delinquency is that Associations lose contact with their members due to address changes. TTR provides advanced searches for a single owner or a batch search for all or a group of your Association members.

Bankruptcy Research
Although most bankruptcies discharge dues that were delinquent at the time of a bankruptcy filing, once discharged, the dues obligation again begins to accrue. TTR can provide you with bankruptcy searches to determine the status of bankruptcy cases. Often, members will choose to reinstate their ownership after a bankruptcy when given the opportunity. The bankruptcy report will also identify the debtor's attorney for the purposes of arranging a deed back, thereby avoiding foreclosure costs.

Advanced Business Searches
TTR can help you to determine who is behind an asset-less entity. As part of TTR's research, we have provided the names and contact information for the Managers and Corporate Officers who have formed and later dissolved asset-less entities. When this information is known it is added to the Registry Search information provided by TTR. And, whenever you receive an estoppel request for a new LLC, corporation, or company, TTR can provide an advanced search.