Estoppel Services

The most powerful defense against fraudulent transfers is to implement a strong estoppel certification process. The Association has a responsibility to its members to ensure that whenever a transfer of a vacation ownership occurs it is being transferred to a person or entity that intends to pay the assessments.

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Timeshare Transfer Registry® can assist your Association in the following ways:




FREE with your paid TTR Registration

TTR has compiled a comprehensive manual that provides your Association with everything
necessary to establish Best Estoppel Procedures and Practice.

This invaluable manual provides detailed, step-by-step practices, procedures and systems for processing estoppel certification requests.

Includes model guidelines and documents for processing transfer requests and model language for adoption into your Association's Rules and Regulations.

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Also includes the necessary model forms to ensure proper transfers including:

• TTR's Standardized Vacation Ownership Estoppel Certification
• Membership Applications for Individuals and Companies
• Corporate Resolutions (LLC and Company)
• Detailed Instructions for Searching and Entering prospective Transferees.

FREE Updates
TTR will provide regular updates to our Procedures and Practices. Additionally, TTR will email updates to the model forms and additional forms as they are developed.


Do you need additional help to employ the Best Estoppel Procedures and Practices? The professionals at TTR can consult with you in setting up the necessary procedures and practices. Contact us or call us at 855-588-7369 to learn how we can help.