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Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are:
Timeshare Transfer Registry® is a division of Grant Wolf, Inc. We are an independent company that has been actively engaged in all aspects of the development, operation and governance of the Shared Ownership Industry for 30 years.

What we do:
Timeshare Transfer Registry® was developed to provide Associations with a one-stop website for their research and investigative needs to help protect against fraudulent transfers. Subscribers have direct access to the registry, allowing them to readily research potential transferees that may be suspect.

Subscribers can also access other valuable Association services including customized search requests; owner contact reports through skip tracing, bankruptcy and advanced business searches.

Who can be a Subscriber?
Associations, Escrow Companies, Collection Companies and Resort Management Companies and their employees who work within the Shared Ownership Industry who would benefit from our services are eligible to become a subscriber.

Who can be the Account Administrator?
Each Company is required to appoint one “Account Administrator.” The Account Administrator is the person who TTR will contact regarding the account and billing, and who will be responsible for adding additional Authorized Resort Designees. The Account Administrator may be the same person as the Authorized Resort Designee.

Who can be the Authorized Resort Designee (ARD)?
Each Company is entitled to appoint one (1) Authorized Resort Designee per Resort. If you are subscribing multiple Resorts, you may appoint as many or as few ARDs as you choose up to the number of resorts that you have subscribed. The invoice(s) that you receive will show a breakdown of the charges incurred by each Authorized Resort Designee.

Why do I need to go through the credentialing process?
Because of the nature of the information contained in the database as well as its permitted uses, all Subscribers must complete our credentialing process before gaining access to the system.

Both the Account Administrator and Authorized Resort Designee will be credentialed before gaining access the TTR extensive database. We will require name, billing and physical addresses, Company FEIN, a copy of a valid photo ID and a credit card or ACH account info for billing from the Account Administrator. Once we have validated this information, we will send instructions to access the database and begin searching new transferees.

How do I add additional Account Resort Designees?
Once credentialed, the Authorized Administrator may add Authorized Resort Designees by having their ARD individually go to our home page and click on the SUBSCRIBE link to fill out the online application. This allows them to create their username and password.

How do I perform a search?
Log into your TTR account. At the top of the page, choose REGISTRY, and then click on SEARCH DATABASE. Follow the instructions on the page. If you'd like to read the Instructions for Searching and Entering Suspect Transferees. You'll have to be logged in to access this file.

How do I get the report again?
I didn't print/save the report and now I need it.

When you do a search, there are two buttons on the screen report:

One is to download the file in PDF then print and/or save to your computer. You should always click this button to save or print the report for your files.

The other is a PLEASE CREDIT CHARGE button. If you ever feel, for whatever reason you should not be charged, you can click this button and receive an immediate credit.

If you forgot to print or save the report, simply perform another search on the transferee. Print and/or save the file to your computer. At the bottom of the screen, click on the PLEASE CREDIT CHARGE button and you won't be charged.

What if I can't find the information I'm looking for?
Most likely, the prospective transferee has not yet been searched by our Subscribers. However, you may have misspelled the name or transposed some letters.  When your search comes up empty, the question, “Would you like to order a report on this Transferee?” will come up. If you answer YES, you will order a custom report. We will look up other versions of your search terms. We may find just what you're looking for in the database and will send you a report via email for the standard search fee of $1.45. If nothing is found, then we will conduct a custom report, which will cost an additional search fee of $9.50.

Why do I need to order a custom report?
As this is a dynamic and constantly evolving set of data, not every suspect transferee is currently in the TTR database. The custom report will provide you with information that is not yet found in our database. We search through several investigative online portals available to us and will provide to you a report in a downloadable PDF file for your records. Additional fees will apply.

How do I retrieve my password?
On the login screen, enter your user name, and click on FORGOT PASSWORD. You will be presented with your first Security Question. Answer that correctly and a temporary password will be sent to the email address on your account. If you cannot answer the first security question, you'll be presented with the 2nd Security Question. If you cannot answer the 2nd Security Question, your third Security Question will come up. If that fails, you will be locked out of the system and will have to call Customer Service to reset your password. Once you have received the temporary password, login with your user name and temporary password and a new screen will now ask you to reset your password with one of your choosing.

Why it is important to search prospective transferees
and report suspect transferees?

TThe most exciting aspect of the TTR database is that it is contemporaneous and dynamic. As our Subscribers search new prospective transferees, a record is added to the database. We then research the name and update our records on a daily basis. In this way, we can track recent transfer activity on new prospective transferees quickly and provide this information to our Subscribers.

By reporting names that are already on your roster that you suspect as not being legitimate transferees, we can research those names and post our results to be shared with our Subscribers. For the submitting subscriber, knowing what the public information has to say about your suspects can save you considerable collection time and costs.

If you do not find the information you’re looking for, feel free to contact us at 855-588-7369 or send us an email message to ttrcontact@ttregistry.com